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Press releases

Solid manure can replace maize for biogas

30 August 2013

The Baltic Manure Handling Award 2013 was awarded a new pretreatment technology for increasing the utilization of solid manure in biogas production

Call for applications: Baltic Manure Handling Award 2013

09 April 2013

Have you and your company made business out of manure through technology development and innovation? Can your technology contribute to solving the problem with nutrient surplus in the Baltic Sea Region?

A fairytale Manure Handling Award winner - SyreN

04 December 2012

Morten Toft from Biocover has received several prices and awards for his product SyreN. Therefore it was no big surprise for most participants when he was awarded the 2012 Baltic Manure Handling Award 2012

Manure handling for greener fields and a bluer Baltic Sea

31 October 2012

Baltic Sea Region is a home for 90 million people. Most of the food we eat is produced in the region. A side product of food production is livestock manure.

Slurry turned into water and fertilizer

03 November 2011

The Swedish company Biotain AB wins the Baltic Manure Handling Award 2011

Can agriculture lead the way to sustainability?

03 November 2011

Three EU projects join forces to find solutions to agro-environmental challenges

Baltic Manure – The winner takes it all!

02 November 2011

The Baltic Sea is a complex ecological system which suffers massively from anthropogenic actions. Particularly agriculture is one major contributor to its periodically occurring eutrophication

Call for Baltic Manure Handling Award 2011

19 August 2011

Have you invented and marketed a novel technology for sustainable manure handling? Are you interested in getting full exposure of your technology and open for market share in the Baltic Sea Region?