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The long-term strategic objective of the Baltic Manure project is to change the general perception of manure from a waste product to a resource, while also identifying its inherent business opportunities with the right manure handling technologies and policy framework.

In this section, we set focus on the policy framework and providing policy recommendations. So far the section has been left empty, as we need to get an in-depth knowledge about all aspects of the subject, before we can provide specific recommendations. Being half way into the project, we are now working on different initiatives and more information will follow within the coming months.

Project results and recommendations

16 December 2013

In this very final phase we have gathered the main results and recommendations from the research, the business involvement and the project recommendations in a nice magazine.

National Incentives and Barriers for the Energetic Use of Manure in the Baltic Sea Region

24 July 2013

Baltic Manure has investigated the existing incentives and barriers for the energetic use of manure and aims to develop policy recommendations in order to promote manure energy use and subsequent reduction in GHGs in the BSR.