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Sustainable Use of Phosphorus

Baltic Manure has given a contribution to the European Commission Consultative Communication on the Sustainable Use of Phosphorus. The contribution covers the issue of dwindling rock phosphate resources recommending enhanced P-recycling from secondary raw materials (e.g. sewage sludge, manure, meat and bone meal). Further the communication emphasize more focus should be put on assessing crop and soil specific P levels that are actually needed for gaining good yields so that over-use can be avoided and P can be directed to fields with P response.

The project recommends separation of slurry in animal dense areas to move the P- rich solid part to areas with P deficiency and advocate for the use of suitable precision farming technologies.

The regulation of a fertiliser application basing on the amount of (available) P in the soil would affect areas with high livestock density and require the export of manure (or manure solids) from these areas to regions with a low livestock density. In this case the separation of manure would be a convenient measure.

Click here to read the contribution from the Baltic Manure project


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