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Solid manure can replace maize for biogas

Press release, August 27, 2013

The Baltic Manure Handling Award 2013 was awarded a new pretreatment technology for increasing the utilization of solid manure in biogas production.

The MULTIMix from the German company WELTEC BIOPOWER GmbH addresses the problem with incorporating deep litter or solid manure in biogas production. Because of this the company was pronounced winner of the Baltic Manure Handling Award 2013.

The handling of deep litter in biogas production has been problematic due to the high content of straw in the biomass. WELTEC BIOPOWER GmbH faced this challenge and their development work resulted in a liquid feeding system, the MULTIMix, where fibrous substrates such as deep litter and solid manure can be pretreated and utilized for biogas production. This has clear positive environmental effects, and therefore the Baltic Manure Handling Award 2013  was presented to the company at the conference ‘A Greener Agriculture for a Bluer Baltic Sea’ in Helsinki on Tuesday.

The company is already a well – renowned supplier of biogas plants and with the new solution, they expect to increase the profitability of biogas plants. Cord Hinnerk Hansen from WELTEC BIOPOWER GmbH says:

- We are pleased that our efforts are marked with this award. Initial feedback and demand from the market show us that the use of manure and grass silage in biogas plants is a global problem. Therefore our special thanks go to our customers who have shown us the strong need for such innovation.

The new solution can also be implemented in already existing biogas plants enabling biogas plants based on large amounts of maize silage to include deep litter in combination with other substrates, for example grass silage. Project manager Anne-Luise Skov Jensen from Agro Business Park in Denmark, who is in charge of Business Innovation in the Baltic Manure project, states:

- This is a technology which addresses a well known problem in biogas production. The fact that the amount of deep litter in biogas production can be increased, increases the commercial value of the manure and at the same time eutrophication can be minimized as compared to composting or direct distribution of solid manure on the fields.



Further information:
Project manager Anne-Luise Skov Jensen, Agro Business Park, Denmark
Mobile: +45 8999 2526

Facts about Baltic Manure:
Baltic Manure is supported by the EU Regional Development Fund. The purpose of the project is to innovate and develop business, job creation and technology export out of the inherent resources for fertilizer and energy in manure. This is carried out through research and evaluation of technologies and furthermore by stimulating the business area within manure management technologies.


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