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Slurry turned into water and fertiliser

Press release 2 November 2011


The Swedish company Biotain AB wins the Baltic Manure Handling Award 2011


The winner of the Baltic Manure Handling Award 2011 was revealed today at the conference “A Greener Agriculture for a Bluer Baltic Sea” in Sanga-Säby in Sweden. The winner was the company Biotain AB from Ängelholm, Sweden, who has developed the Splitbox-Agri.


CEO Per Ewers from Biotain, said at the ceremony:

- We are very happy and honoured that our technology has won the Baltic Manure handling award. We look forward to take part in the process of reducing the pollution around the Baltic Sea and turn a problem into new resources.


Biotain AB has developed a technology, which reduces the mass of the manure by 90% and the end products are a liquid fraction, a dry fraction and water. The dry fraction can be used as fertilizer, for biogas production or as pellets, while the liquid fraction can be used as fertilizer. The water is so clean that it can be returned to the aquatic environment or used for irrigation.


The winner was found among six applicants, which among others, included technologies for acidification of manure and drying of digestate from biogas plants.


Biotain AB was chosen by a judging panel consisting of Baltic Manure project coordinator Markku Järvenpää, Technology Director of MTT AgriFood Research in Finland and CEO of Agro Business Park, Denmark, Lars Visbech Sørensen. Biotain AB was selected on the basis of the news value of the technology, the need for commercially potential manure processing technologies with logistic benefits and the ambition level in the technology of the product. The award was granted on the basis of written applications from the companies and hence the actual performance of the technology was not evaluated.


The purpose of the Baltic Manure project is to innovate and develop business, job creation and technology export out of the inherent resources for fertilizer and energy in manure. This is carried out through research and evaluation of technologies and furthermore by stimulating the business area within manure management technologies. Therefore the Baltic Manure Handling Award was launched. This is the first year of the Award and it is expected to become a tradition.


The Baltic Manure project is co-financed by the EU Interreg Baltic Sea program.


For further information about the Baltic Manure project, please contact Anne Luise Skov Jensen, Agro Business Park, Denmark, +45 8999 2526,


For further information about Biotain AB, please contact CEO Per Ewers, Biotain AB, Sweden, +46 43113980, You can also read about Biotain AB by clicking here.


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