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New Agro Technology ATLAS

The Danish science park, Agro Business Park, has launched a new website -


In general, the intention of the website is to provide easy access to validated and impartial information, tools and data about agro-environmental technologies, hereunder handling, treatment and processing of biomass.


The site has been established with financial support from the Baltic Sea Programme 2007-2013 in connection with the implementation of the EU project Baltic Compass, and the plan is to publish data and information here on an ongoing basis, both originating from Baltic Compass – and other projects.


The website will gradually be build up during the coming years. There were recently published a large number of data sets concerning the quality of livestock manure types as well as qualities of end and by-products from various processing of livestock manure.




If you have any comments, ideas or suggestions in relation to the content on this site, please write a message in the contact form below.

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