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Livestock Manure to Energy

The Danish science park, Agro Business Park and the Danish Innovation Network for Biomass, have launched a new pamphlet with focus on status, technologies and innovation in Denmark regarding livestock manure to energy.

The Danish situation with a livestock density among the highest in the world, combined with being surrounded by vulnerable nature such as the Baltic Sea, has promoted a situation with considerable competence when it comes to innovative technologies for handling of livestock manure in an environmentally safe way. The growing awareness of resource depletion and climate challenges has furthermore clarified the huge potentials for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the livestock manure via exploiting its energy content. Already today, around one fifth of all Danish pig and dairy farmers are involved in livestock manure based biogas production, most of them via farmer cooperative owned industrial size biogas plants.

The pamphlet aims to provide a general overview of Danish state-of-the-art technologies and competences in the supply chain from livestock manure to energy, and explain some major contextual policies, legislation and framework conditions. It also holds a quick reference guide to the related technology suppliers and other companies and institutions with competences in the supply chain. The pamphlet is intended for anybody with interest in innovative ways to handle current challenges to reduce the environmental and climatic impacts of livestock farming, while in the same time increase the renewable energy production and the demand for animal products from a growing population.

Click here to read the pamphlet


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