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Introduction of new product from last year’s winner of the Baltic Manure Handling Award

On Tuesday June 11th Morten Toft from the Danish company Biocover A/S introduced the new product SyreN+ at an event organized by Biocover A/S and MI, which is a Danish dealer network for agricultural machinery, with 53 shops in Denmark and 43 in Sweden.

Biocover A/S, who won the Baltic Manure Handling Award last year, has further developed the original SyreN system and is now introducing the addition of liquid ammonia in the new system SyreN+, thereby allowing the farmer to distribute tailor made fertilizer in one application on the field. Through an automated management process the amounts of N, P, K and S in the manure is adjusted and thereby an individual formulation for each field or crop is generated, optimizing the nutrient utilisation.

In the new system a pressurized container for the liquid ammonia is incorporated in the slurry tank. The dosage of the ammonia is controlled from the SyreN Isobus system which is integrated in the tractor’s management system. All data from the field work are logged wirelessly with GPS positioning and, as something new, the work data can be transferred automatically to an external server, from where documentation of the field work can be retrieved.

‘The use of organic fertilizer and mineral fertilizer in combination, forecasts an actual change in this business area. With this method the negative environmental impacts are reduced and the restrictions imposed on the agricultural sector in terms of nitrogen quotas, are marginalized through an increased utilization of nitrogen’ says Morten, owner and CEO of Biocover A/S.

There is currently 87 acidification units from Biocover in operation and Morten Toft is confident about the future success of the SyreN+ system, especially with the introduction of a new round of funding from the Environmental Funds from the Danish Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, where farmers can receive up to 40% funding, when purchasing environmental technologies.


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