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Conference Announcement 2013

Since the conference A Greener Agriculture for a Bluer Baltic Sea in Copenhagen in October 2012, a working group has been preparing for a new conference in 2013.

The conference will be held in Helsinki on 27.-28. of August 2013. Please reserve the dates and pass this announcement to your network!

In addition, we already know that the EUSBSR Priority Area 9 /Agri is planning a meeting back-to-back with the conference on 28.-29. of August also in Helsinki.

The conference will be organized by a group of Baltic Sea Region projects (Baltic Manure, Baltic Compact, Baltic Deal, BERAS implementation), and organizations (Helcom, CIEC - the International Scientific Centre of Fertilizers- and NJF - the Association of Nordic Agricultural Scientists) to ensure maximum cooperation and synergies.

Please reserve the dates in your calendar, and more information will follow.


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