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Can agriculture lead the way to sustainability?



- Three EU projects join forces to find solutions to agro-environmental challenges


Three EU-financed projects invited the representatives of agri-environmental sectors in the whole Baltic Sea region to a conference to discuss the challenges on the way to more sustainable agriculture. “A greener Agriculture for a bluer Baltic Sea” conference hold in Sånga-Säby at 2-3 November gathers together 160 guests representing  policy makers, researchers, farmers and farmer advisories, environmental organizations and business sector.


The projects approach agri-environmental challenges and solutions from several angles. Baltic Compass is the focal point for policy issues and the pre-conditions for implementing better agro-environmental measures, Baltic Manure addresses the potential benefits of manure nutrients and energy and Baltic Deal focuses on advisories and advice to farmers. Together the projects have received over 14 million euro for their work from the European Union Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013. All projects have partners from around the Baltic Sea. That enables knowledge transfer and truly Pan-Baltic cooperation.


“Our joint work has already shown the strong need for governments to strengthen exchange of experiences and enhance cross-border cooperation. The emphasis is on region-wide policy instruments and support mechanisms, innovation systems and the agricultural advisory services”, the coordinator of Baltic Compass, Staffan Lund, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, points out.


The results of the projects will benefit all who work with agri-environmental challenges in the Baltic Sea region. The projects will stimulate the development of the best technologies and agricultural practises and give advice to farmers on how to implement them. The projects promote synergies between policy instruments, local and private sector measures, improve the application of environmental science and demonstrate systematic innovation mechanisms. The results will provide important decision-making support for policy-makers in the whole Baltic Sea region.


More information:
Staffan Lund, Baltic Compass 
Tel: +46 70 630 38 29 


Sindre Langaas, Baltic

Tel: +46 8 787 51 41



Knud Tybirk, Baltic Manure

Tel: +45 40 30 11 41



More information about the conference and the projects:


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