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A Greener Agriculture for a Bluer Baltic Sea conference 2013

The fifth annual international agri-environmental conference, A Greener Agriculture for a Bluer Baltic Sea, was held at Scandic Marina Congress Center in Helsinki, Finland from Tuesday 27th to Wednesday 28th of August 2013. It is the major forum for networking and exchange of knowledge, experiences and ideas around the Baltic Sea.
It is organised in a joint effort by the following Baltic Sea Region projects: Baltic Manure, Baltic Deal, Baltic Compact, BERAS implementation and Baltic Impulse, and the following organisations: WWF, HELCOM, CIEC - the International Scientific Centre of Fertilizers and NJF - the Association of Nordic Agricultural Scientists.
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26.8. Plenary session:
Ville Niinistö: Nutrient recycling in Finland - State of play
Risto Artjoki: Nutrient recycling in Finland - State of play
Mikhail Durkin: Common goals to reach the Baltic_Sea in a good environmental status
Toni Haapakoski: Success stories about farming in the BSR
Paul Speight: From pollutant to resource EU action on nutrients in the Baltic
Niels Peter Nørring: Balancing global needs intensive agriculture and the environment
Carlo Leifert: Systemic change needed in the food chain to obtain sustainability
Mats Joha sson: The bigger picture - Systems perspective into nutrient management
Paula Biveson: From words to action - catalysing change
Ewald Schnug: CIEC

26.-27.8. Parallel sessions: Making the most of manure
Markku Järvenpää: What to do with manure in the BSR (overview)
Lars Stoumann Jensen: The P-resource  status and opportunities for agriculture
Sari Luostarinen: Biogas - energy and nutrient solutions
Elisabeth Falk: How to organize a mobile separator - Case Bornholm
Erik Sindhøj: Manure production and handling techniques on largescale farms in the BSR
Henning Lyngsø Foged: Innovative manure handling technologies - Agro TechnologyATLAS
Lorie Hamelin: Holistic perspectives on manure management - what is the best way?
Knud Tybirk: Policy and technical recommendations for manure handling

Closing nutrient cycles
Marek Krystoforski: Nutrient balance as an advisory tool - Case Poland
Artur Granstedt: Ecological recycling agriculture integrating animal and crop production
Silvia Haneklaus: The perfect match - P fertilizer demand and fertilizer rates
Judith Schick: How to retrieve nutrients from organic wastes
Sanna Marttinen: Safety aspects of recycled fertilizer products
Henning Hervik: Societal aspect: Lejre Ecological Municipality

Slow the flow to the sea
Ville Keskisarja: National experience and expectations for meeting multiple agri-environment objectives by water retention measures
Tomas Johansson: Drainage - A Water or Soil Issue
Jūlija Travina: Drainage systems and national plans - agro-envirnmental and production perspective
Mikhail Durkin: How to integrate technology and policy in international cooperation on the BSR level?

Video about controlled subsurface drainage by Agro Business Park, Denmark


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