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A farmerís view on the Baltic Sea

Farmers worry about the Baltic Sea environment and think that agriculture has an effect on its status, according to a survey made on the big islands in the Baltic Sea


In the summer of 2011, Baltic Deal interviewed five farmers per island on six out of the seven big islands in the Baltic Sea, the so called B7 islands: Bornholm, Gotland, Hiiumaa, Saaremaa, Åland and Öland.

Most of the farmers worry about the status of Baltic Sea and think that agriculture has an effect on its environment.


Motivators for action
To have the motivation to apply measures that reduce nutrient leaching, the farmers say that they need to know that the measures are really effective. Now they experience that there’s a lot of contradictory information about the effect of the measures.

Several farmers stressed that all actors have to take their responsibility for a better sea environment, not only agriculture but other sectors as well, like boat traffic and wastewater treatment.


Obligatory or voluntarily
A majority of the interviewed farmers think that it is justified to have at least some obligatory measures for farmers if they really reduce nutrient leaching. Only voluntary measures would not be effective.

The farmers also think that they need support to make agri-environmental investments, especially now when the economic situation in many farms is not so good.


Similar rules needed
However, the rules and the support should be as equal as possible in all Baltic Sea Region countries so they don’t distort the competition.


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