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A fairytale Manure Handling Award winner - SyreN

Morten Toft from Biocover has received several prices and awards for his product SyreN. Therefore it was no big surprise for most participants when he was awarded the 2012 Baltic Manure Handling Award at an informal mini-seminar at the Agro Business Park Stand at Agromek Fair in Herning, Denmark, November 29th 2012.

- This is the fairytale of a small stubborn idea in the mind of a Dane, which after much hard work and serious tests, became a great vision for future agriculture, said Morten Toft, CEO of BioCover as the winner of the 2012 Baltic Manure Handling Award!

The mission for Biocover is to develop concepts to reduce ammonia emission and smell through altering the chemical properties of manure, when applying slurry to the crops. SyreN is acidification of manure using sulphuric acid which turns ammonia into particle bound ammonium and thereby reduces the evaporation of ammonia. The documented ammonia reduction of the technology makes SyreN readily compatible with slurry injection and comparably cheaper. An important side-effect of acidification is the reduction of odor - highly appreciated by neighbours.

Ammonium is readily plant-available in the soil so the result is also efficient nutrient uptake. In addition the added sulphur can cover the crops need for sulphur. These agronomic results can be documented in additional crop yields and is an important asset for the farmers.

The product can be installed as a separate front tank of acid and mounted on the existing slurry tanker. The system automatically adjusts the pH.

SyreN has received the first VERA certificate in Denmark and is on the list of approved technologies.

Photo: Morten Toft, Biocover, receives the Symbolic Baltic Manure Handling Award 2012 from Anne-Luise Skov Jensen, Agro Business Park at Agromek.

More info on SyreN, please contact Morten Toft,

More info on Baltic Manure Handling Award, please contact Anne-Luise Skov Jensen,


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