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The Eco-Region Project

06 November 2012

Turning the Baltic Sea Region into the world’s first EcoRegion - an agricultural perspective

Manure challenges in a health resort

15 December 2011

Cool, rainy and dark November. Health Resort Mösseberg in central Sweden was the inspiring historical frame around the theme of the two days: Utilization of manure and other residues as fertilizers

The phosphorus challenge of the Baltic Sea Agriculture...

02 November 2011

“BATMAN Begins” were the initial words in Helsinki, when the first public Baltic Manure workshop took place. The subject was the Phosphorus challenge for the Baltic Sea Region

8000 sows and 2 cows

11 August 2011

Benny is clapping one of his ’cows’. It is green, shiny and very noisy. It is called ‘Jenbacher’ and his two ‘cows’ convert slurry from 8000 sows with some added maize into heat and electricity as part of one of the biogas plants at Poldanor in Poland