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IBBA Digestate Workshop

Time and place

Date:  05 September 2013
Last subscription:  15 August 2013
Place:  Malmö/Höör, Sweden

About IBBA
Companies and researchers from Sweden and Germany are deeply experienced in industrial scale biogas production and utilization. Therefore intensified collaboration and knowledge exchange offer the chance to share the strengths developed in both countries. Today we do see the following specific strengths (among a huge variety of other experiences; this list will never be complete!)


An IBBA digestate workshop will be held on the 5th of September in Malmö covering the following themes:

  • One Day Nutrients, technological solutions & cooperation
  • Exchange with leading experts from research and practice
  • Market overview and technology suppliers
  • Nutrients separation and recirculation

Dead-line for registration August 15th!.


Click here to view the program and register for the workshop