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Work packages

Here is a brief overview of the seven work packages. You can read more about each one of these under the Work package menu at the left.  


Project management and administration

MTT Agrifood Research Finland (FI)

Ensuring strategic, operational and financial management of the project.

Agro Business Park (DK)

Facilitating communication between actors internally and externally.
Innovative technologies for manure handling


Identifying innovative technologies for handling and processing manure in an environmentally-friendly way on large farms in the BSR.

Standardisation of manure types with focus on Phosphorus


Describing different manure types and their value as fertiliser and recommending new standards for manure types.

Assessing sustainability of manure technology chains

University of Southern Denmark (DK)

Assessing the environmental consequences of different manure management technology chains of relevance for the BSR.

Energy potentials of manure

MTT Agrifood Research Finland (FI)

Evaluating the energy potentials of different manure types with focus on biogas technology.

Business Innovation

Agro Business Park (DK)

Supporting commercialisation of innovative outputs from the WP’s 3-6 in cooperation with commercial actors in the BSR region.