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Seminar: Utilisation of manure and other residues as fertilisers

Time and place

Date:  29 November 2011 - 30 November 2011
Time:  2 days
Place:  Falköping, Sweden

The Nordic Association of Agricultural Scientists has arranged a seminar concerning the utilisation of manure and other residues as fertilisers.

Animal manure and municipal waste such as residues from food production, organic household waste and sewage sludge, constitute an important resource of plant nutrients in crop production. However, there are some challenges regarding how to predict the fertiliser value of these and how to manage them to maximise nutrient efficiency in the field and minimise environmental impact.


Research in a wide variety of issues concerning manure handling and use as agricultural fertilizers was the main focus of the seminar held in Falköbing, Sweden, during 29-30th of November 2011.
Solid manure derivates (biochar, ashes, compost) for fertilizers were part of many presentations at the seminar. Still, however, some restrictions are found in the EU legislation on the use of manure in commercially marketed mineral fertilizer products so legislative adaptations may be needed to realize the potentials.
A couple of relevant highlights can be found here, and the complete seminar report can be found soon and studied in details here
The seminar was attended by 62 participants from 9 countries and organized by NJF Nordic Association of Agricultural Scientists.